For over 70 years the Rotary Club of Ottawa in partnership with Rotary Clubs across the Ottawa region and the nation has invited young leaders of high school age to come to Ottawa for the Adventure in Citizenship Program. Students come from all provinces and territories.


The program is designed to help senior high school students gain a deeper understanding about the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.


Participants learn about leadership and how Canadian institutions operate through site visits and through meetings with current and past political leaders and senior government officials.


The over 100 participants are sponsored through Rotary Clubs around Canada. They return better able to explore their aptitudes, values and career path preferences following graduation understanding how to better be engaged citizens and community leaders.


Time is also allocate for having fun and networking. Example social events have included, a talent show, and an evening of French Canadian cuisine, culture and dance.


This year’s event is scheduled for May 14th to 17th. While downtown during this time keep a look out for this years cohort of curious and inspired leaders of tomorrow.


Don’t forget to say “Hi, Welcome to the nations capital !”.

Watch our video of the 2023 session.