A major event in the service calendar for the Club of Nepean Kanata is the annual "Adventure in High Technology" forum.

Experts within Ottawa's vibrant hi-tech business community along with our excellent universities and colleges have been providing volunteer presenters for nearly 40 years.

Sessions are highly interactive with students not only connecting with each other but also being able to pose questions to the expert presenters directly.

Finding presenters for the event is never a challenge as it's reputation grows.


The ability to "give back" and recognition of the importance of youth in building the future is a prime motivator for presenters.

Session topics range from the technical (artificial intelligence, space technology, 3D modeling, autonomous vehicles, game development, etc.) to career coaching and sharing of leadership experiences.

Held in the fall of each year, the Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata is the host for high school age students across Eastern Ontario, the Montreal area of Quebec and Upstate New York with a stated interest in pursuing a career in high technology. In recent years interest in the event has grown significantly with the number of participants growing from 20 to nearly 50 this year with participants also coming from clubs around Toronto and elsewhere. Inspired by necessity during the pandemic the event moved to a virtual setting. This has allowed the event to expand but also to include sponsored youth from developing nations in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

Consider sponsoring a student from a developing nation today.

"Our lives were changed by this event... I hope to participate again in future"