The value of education is universal but for youth in challenging circumstances it can be life changing. Bursary grants provide funds to worthy candidates with limited means to pursue their education. Bursaries provide a message of encouragement to students by showing that someone is interested in supporting their education.

Students are often motivated to more greatly excel in higher education with this encouragement. Beyond this, feeling appreciation for the support they receive, students can be inspired to give back to their communities themselves.

Universities and colleges see benefits in the attraction of stronger candidates to their institutions from lower income families and generally increasing the diversity of their student bodies overall.

In the Ottawa region numerous clubs provide annual bursaries to local education institutions for candidiates with challenging life circumstances including, Youville Centre, Pinecrest Community Health Centre (Pathways to Education), Saint Nicholas Adult High School and Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate School in addition to mainstream local high schools.

Education is a gift that you give that no one can take away.